Paulette Mihale was born in Hollywood...Florida.  At the age of five she decided she wanted to be a cake.  When that didn't pan out, she decided she'd be the crazy cat lady instead. Eight cats and five dogs later, her mother had reached her limit. Paulette decided to put her passion for performing to prosperous use. She received her BA in Theatre from FSU, and quickly moved home to pay off debt. Once that was complete Paulette high-tailed it to New York City to train at the Atlantic Theatre Acting Conservatory and put herself back in debt.  She graduated from the Atlantic Theater Conservatory two years later, and quickly became a nanny to pay down debt.  While living in NY, Paulette immersed herself in UCB and cat-sitting for friends. She has since moved to Los Angeles where she's immersed herself in UCB, Groundlings and stand-up.  Paulette enjoys spending her time writing, producing, doing stand-up, acting and selling Arbonne.  She currently has two cats, Dakota and Indiana.